Wing Chun Master Passes on Skills Brought to Hong Kong by Famed Fighter Ip Man

By Sheng Yingzhou, Tu Xinyue, Yuan Jiahuan & Chuai Qiying

December 2019

Leung Ngok Yin, 65-year-old master in the martial art of Wing Chun, strikes the wooden pegs with the ferocity of a young man. But the sexagenarian doesn’t let age slow him down.

As a third-generation successor of Wing Chun legend Ip Man, Leung participated in 1971 in the Southeast Asian arena match representing the Hong Kong Wing Chun Association. His participation almost 50 years ago gave him notoriety in the world of Wing Chun.

Leung, also a martial arts referee, has been teaching Wing Chun mainly to children and young adults since 2005.

“I not only teach them martial arts, but virtue,” he said during a training session at his studio in Hong Kong. “I want my students to be warm-hearted, and that they are able to protect their family and friends.”

Seeing a decline in interest in the traditional Southern Chinese Kung Fu style, Leung created the Leung Ngok Yin Wing Chun Association in 2016, hoping more people would join him to preserve the self-defense fighting style that Ip Man brought to Hong Kong 100 years ago.